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Viz in Tooltip

In Tableau 10.5 a great new feature appeared that allows you to create a visualization in the Tooltip. Here I will show you how to create this cool new feature.

Viz in Tooltip arrived in the latest release 10.5. It allows you show an extra viz inside the Tooltip that historically has been used for ext to give the viz some context. This functionality gives you the option to show additional insights into your data while saving space within your dashboards. In many cases, it reduces the need for extra tabs. Here is how to do it in a step-by-step guide.

I have used Sample Superstore for the example.

1. Create a simple 'Sum of Profit by Segment' Bar Chart. Drag 'Segment' dimension to the Columns Shelf, drag 'Profit' measure to Rows shelf, then drag 'Order Date' to filters and select '2017'. Then drag 'Segment' to the Colors Marks card. Call this tab 'Profit by Segment by Year'. It should look like the image below.

2. Right click the tab, select 'Copy' then 'Paste'. This will copy the tab in its current form allowing to you create a second tab. This will become the 'Viz in Tooltip' tab.

3. Drag 'Order Date' to Filters and select 'Month/Year', Click 'Next', select 'All', click 'Apply', Click 'OK'. Hold Shift key and drag the 'MY(Order Date)' field from the filters to the Columns shelf. Call this tab 'Profit by Segment by month'. It should look like the image below.

4. Now comes the magic. Return to the first tab 'Profit by Segment by Year', click on 'Tooltip' in the Marks card, click 'Insert' and select 'Sheets' and your tab called 'Profit by Segment by month' will be listed. Click to select. and this string will be inserted in to the Tooltip window:

<Sheet name="Profit by Segment by month" maxwidth="300" maxheight="300" filter="<All Fields>">

 Here you can change the width and height of the 'Viz in tooltip'. For this particular string, I have changed it to fit the width of the chart.

<Sheet name="Profit by Segment by month" maxwidth="850" maxheight="200" filter="<All Fields>">

 Return to the first tab and you will see your 'Viz in Tooltip' appear when you hover over the desired Segment It has also filtered the Viz so it shows the relevant Segment Profits by month.

That's all there is to creating and using the wonderful new ' Viz in Tooltip'. Now you can go ahead and finish the dashboard. 

You can download the workbook here DataDave Tableau Public

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