• David Goldstone

Tableau 2019.4 Release Notes (the best bits)

Tableau 2019.4 is out and here is a list on the best of the new features:

50 Column limit:

My favourite by a long shot is the ability to display 50 columns in a table. This works for flat tables, it allows you to sort entire columns by dimensions and discrete measures. Simply wonderful.

Go to where a sheet is used:

Tableau are making it easier to navigate larger, complex workbooks that contain multiple sheets. You can now jump to all locations in a workbook wherever a worksheet is used.

Edit Tooltips in the Browser:

You can now edit the Tootips while using Web Authoring, very handy!

Map improvements in the Browser:

You can now update map settings in the browser. Change map backgrounds, styles, layers, and other settings in the browser without having to jump into Desktop.

Create extracts in the Browser: You can now build extracts right in the browser rather than using Desktop. I love this!

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