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Tableau 2019.3 Release Notes

This may be a little late, but I personally prefer to have a play around with new releases of software a few weeks after they come out, rather than on day 1. So here are the release notes for Tableau 2019.3 which was released on September 17th 2019.

Firstly, here are the fixes.

903757 Built-in 2019.1 geocoding is incorrect for ZIP codes in Texas (76244 - 76248).

897046 Unexpected data sometimes displayed in the view if USERNAME() was used in a join.

895571 Opening a packaged workbook in 10.5 format crashes Tableau Desktop 2018.3 with an infinite loop of interactions between Aggregate_Canonicalize and Join_ProjectInline causing stack overflow.

888772 Salesforce extract refresh failed with authentication failure when using saved credentials.

872646 Incorrectly mapped Mexico ZIP codes are not showing the correct location for the range 250xx - 279xx.

867620 "Wrap: Off" truncates by line in multi-line text in 10.5 and earlier, while the entire text block is truncated in 2018.1 and later.

860446 Michuhol District is a municipal district in Incheon, South Korea which was incorrectly showing as Nam-gu (an outdated name) on Tableau maps.

940685, 956906 When you saved a view based on an extract after filtering to a single value and closed the workbook, the view was sometimes unexpectedly blank after reopening.

942219, 950871 Calculations using DATEPART('second') returned unexpectedly rounded results in some cases.

848481 When a view has a reference line on the table computed on Median and is set to "Line only", and all quick filter values are unchecked in any quick filter on the view, the workbook crashes.

Now for the best of the new Desktop features, which are rather cool.

Parameter Actions have been improved and have just got more powerful with three new aggregation functions: first quartile, third quartile and concatenation. You also now have the option to create new parameters directly from the parameter action dialogue. .

Explain Your Data.... Explain Data gives you explanations for unexpected values in your data with a single click. Available as you’re creating a viz or dashboard, Explain Data uses powerful Bayesian methods to surface statistically significant explanations. Behind the scenes, hundreds of potential explanations are checked and the most likely ones are surfaced. Every explanation is a viz and can be explored with the full power of Tableau. This not only saves you time, as it brings you to the “why” quickly, but you can discover insights you didn’t know existed, and easily access and explore explanations.

Spatial Distance Calculations.... You can now easily measure the distance between two points – perfect for measuring the length of flight or shipping routes, or driving proximity analysis around a store or hub..

You can now connect directly to DataBricks..

Optimise Your Joins.... Optimise your joins. You can now control whether your join is executed in Hyper or the source database. Control this option from Tableau Desktop or at the site level in Tableau Server or Tableau Online

The best of the new Server and Online features are:

Ask Data Improvements... Embed Ask Data into your company portal or wiki so you can enable even more people in your organisation to ask questions of their data. Ask Data

Content Sharing Improved.... Share more easily with a simplified share experience. Share projects, workbooks, data sources, views and flows through Tableau Online and Tableau Server..

New Search Results.... Find what you're looking for faster. Now your search results will be laid out on a newly redesigned search results page. See all your results by views, workbooks, data sources, flows and other content types.

PDF Attachments for Subscriptions.. Consolidate your workflows with the option to receive a PDF attachment with your subscription to a dashboard. You can choose to attach an image, PDF, or PDF and image, which will land in your inbox as part of your regular subscription email..

Export to PowerPoint Improvements.... Select relevant, specific dashboards to integrate into your presentations. You now have the option to select which sheets, dashboards or stories to export to PowerPoint..

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