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There are many things I truly love about analysing data and creating insights for people. Personally, one thing stands out from the rest, and that is seeing/hearing people’s reaction when I take them through their new dashboard. A recent experience prompted me to share this with you. So here goes… Names have been changed for confidentiality.

I created a dashboard in Tableau for a US based healthcare client. The objective of this dashboard was for the company to quickly understand how many of their employees are visiting the ER within a given time period. The idea of talking though this and showing the user how they can slice and dice up the data to see different time periods, member relationship and department was going to be quite cool.

I then put myself in their shoes. I thought what else would they want to see. I wanted to take this to next level for them. What don’t I show the primary diagnoses and cost of these ER visits for the members with the highest attendance? I thought, they would love this.

I built the original requirements which was a bar chart in descending order, showing the employees with highest number of attendances to the ER. This then drilled down to show the diagnoses and cost of each of these attendances. Very effective.

This gave the company a huge insight to why their employees are going to the ER. There was one employee, lets call him Billy Mason 39 years old. He attended the local ER 49 times in 1 year. On its own, this starts to ask further questions. The dashboard answered those questions. He attended 32 out of those with a headache, 8 times with a sore finger and the rest with a mixture of various ailments. The next question from the client was,” how much did this cost?” The dashboard also answered this question. The next question was, “why?” The dashboard couldn’t answer that. But what it did do, is prompt the Admin department to have a conversation with Billy and find out what is going on. If these are general ailments, why isn’t he visiting Urgent Care? Does he need some intervention? Does he need assistance in his work?

This is what I love. I love the fact the client can see right in front of them all this information at the click of a mouse button and can make a huge difference to not only the employee, but the company he works for and essentially the ER.

When I was talking the client through the dashboard we were slicing and dicing it up together, we were both asking and answering questions as to “why this…” and “why that...” We answered everything we could that the data told us. It was wonderful. The client loved it too. This is why I love doing what I do. I love creating insights for people, helping them answer those questions they started with and answering those they never even thought of.

Feel free to share your data insights with me, I would love to hear them.

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