• David Goldstone

Do you have a misaligned X-Axis?

Do you ever find that when you create a bar chart, line chart or any other chart with a date across the X-Axis in Tableau, that sometimes the dates don't align to the data point? 

What a pain, right? Well, here is how you can fix that little problem and once your axes align to your data points, then all is right with the world.

See in the screenshot below, how the data points are misaligned to the X-Axis?

Well, there is a reason. Right click the X-Axis and select Edit Axis. Note the Time in the Tick Origin box. Change this to 00:00:00 then unselect the Include Times box. Your data points should now align to the dates. To be double safe, ensure the Start date is aligned to the first date within your data and that it is set to Continuous.  

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