• David Goldstone

Tableau 2018.2.2 Release Notes

Slightly later than normal, here are the Tableau Desktop 2018.2.2 Release Notes:

795366 When connected to OData, the values for fields with the same name were not differentiated.

767195, 796405 Malformed SQL queries and resulting errors could sometimes occur when using a date parameter to modify a view.

782424 In some environments, the Edit Axis dialog would appear blank or as a black box.

806081 Calculated fields would appear to be invalid when you edited an OData data source.

808513 In workbooks connected to a Sharepoint List, calculated fields would be removed

from the data source after you edited the data source and had to re-authenticate the data connection.

775400 When appending data to a .hyper extract that uses a SAS data source, the errors "Cannot find file, Replace with another?" and "Unable to append" occurred.

774269 Sometimes, nested level of detail calculations in a workbook produced an "Error occurred communicating with the data source. No such column [Calculation_]." error message.

815955 You could not group fields by data source table in the data pane when connected to a published data source containing an extract and a data source filter.

816539 In some cases, it was not possible to clear the text from a string parameter.

809581 When you set a fiscal year start for a date field used in blending, an "Invalid datetime value" error occurred.

774517, 796750 Using Tableau Desktop 2018.1 or 2018.2, a debug.log file appeared when you installed or double clicked a workbook.

751916 In some cases, when connecting to Tableau Server via mutual SSL, Tableau Desktop displayed an "error 6 SSL handshake failed" error message.

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