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Spruce up your dashboard web page actions

At some point when you are building a dashboard, there may be a requirement to show a particular website.

Whether this is a live stock market price, or more information about a Product or you may want your users to be taken to your company's website from within your dashboard; Here are 3 options you can use to integrate web pages into your dashboard.

Option 1:

Lets start with this.

You have a nice shiny dashboard that your Boss uses to review the latest Sales and Profit of the Company. How cool would it be to also show them the latest Share price of the company?

Normally, they would have to open their favourite internet browser and then go to the latest share price listing. Bit of a hassle, right.  and to be honest, they probably wouldn't do it anyway.

So, do it for them!. Get another pat on back and ask for a pay-rise when you show them that they don't need to navigate away from their favourite dashboard to see this information.

1: Open a new Dashboard tab.

2. From the Dashboard pane, drag the web-page object on to the canvas.

3. Enter the URL of your chosen website

4. Show Boss

5. Ask for payrise

Option 2:

Another use-case for using URLs in a Dashboard:

You have built a dashboard for the Learning and Development team in your organisation. This shows the number of employees trained and the courses delivered. You can create a nifty little URL action that when clicking, hovering or selecting will take the user to an external website. This could be the L&D intranet or the the company's website or my blog if you really want.

1. Once you have created a chart and added it to a Dashboard. Click Dashboard from the menu, select Actions

2.Select Add Action

3.Select Go to URL

4.Enter the URL in the URL box

5. Select Hover, Select or Menu from the Run Action on box

6. Click OK twice

Test out the action and the web page should open in your web browser.

Option 3:

You have built a dashboard for a paying client who wants their Dashboard branded with their logo. Click the logo and it pings them off to their corporate website (or any website of their choosing).

1. Select an Image object from the Dashboard pane

2. Add desired logo

3. Click the object to select it

4.. Click the little down arrow on the selected object

5. Set URL

6. Test and see it in action

These URL options do add a bit more interaction to your dashboard, so give it a go.

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