My Story

1) How are your analytics within your business?

2) Do you understand what your data is telling you?

3) Do you have the time, the patience or the skills to look at your data?

After 13 years data experience within the NHS, and 5 years working with data in my own time, I set up DG Data Services Ltd.  I realised organisations were struggling with understanding their own data. 

I provide insights into organisations’ by data analysis and visualizations. Understanding your business through your data is key to its success. Often time, lack of interest or skills get in the way. Helping organisations understand their business through their data is something I am really passionate about.

I  take the ‘analysis paralysis’ or ‘analysis burden’ off you so you can focus on running the business without getting tied up in the data. I know there are industry tools that do this to an extent, but understanding your data can shed a whole new world on your business.

I have developed a suite of analysis reports using Tableau in use across various industries and ensuring the detail is easy to comprehend. 

My clients range from US Health, Content Marketing, Internet Service Providers, Legal Firms, UK Digital Marketing, and Charities, to name a few. 

I have an excellent understanding of many different data sets, related systems and data warehouses including intermediate knowledge of SQL.

I have developed IT and analysis skills of many professionals of different levels ensuring they understand their data in language they and their audience can comprehend.

Specialities: Tableau, Power BI, Data Analysis, Excel, Health Data Sets (UK and US), Cancer data, Health IT Systems, T-SQL, Internet Usage Data, Legal Data, Electronic Patient Records, System Configuration, Data Migration, IT Training, Project Management